Import From China To Australia 

ChAFTA has made it easier and more profitable to import from China to Australia. It was introduced in 20 December 2015. On this day 7,289 individual Chinese tariffs were cut, 1,710 tariffs were eliminated completely and 5,579 had their first of several cuts. There was a free trade agreement portal set up to help Therefore, it has never been a better time to import from china but there are a few things to consider first.

Duties and licenses

Most goods imported into Australia don’t need a permit or a license except pharmaceutical goods, weapons or any goods that need quarantining. All goods need to pass through customs regardless so the quality is expected to meet Australian standards. This is why you need to take levies, GST, and customs duties into account before importing.
When the value of your imported items is less than $1000, you don’t have to pay any duties. But you will have to pay a duty amount at customs if the overall value is over $1000.


Another thing to keep in mind is classifying the imported goods with a trade description. This way, customs can easily advise what tariffs and other relevant duties have to be paid. The customs value of those goods will dictate the duty amount in the end. It’s also a good idea to keep the receipts for those goods for 5 years.
Plus, you have to file an Import Declaration form when you’re importing to Australia. You can either send it in person or via the internet. A customs officer can help if you’re not sure what to do.


If a product already exists in Australia then you may be subject to copyright, so it’s not a good idea to import counterfeit goods.  We recommend that you focus on finding a niche product with your own branding. You should also consider any potential restrictions. Some items tend to have restrictions and there are others which you can’t import from China to Australia at all. Try to study the law beforehand and see if there are any prohibited items and if the product you want to import from China fall under that law to begin with.
Plus, there may be situations when you have to adhere to specific Australian standards. It’s crucial to make sure that you obey all these rules before you start. If you don’t adhere to Australian standards then you may not be able to import from China.

Extra duties and fees

It’s important to note that there are situations when the shipment can be subject to customs duties or GST. You should know the value of your goods and if the customs experts will end up adding more fees at the end. You may want to think about the total cost of importing the product as the fees can easily pile up if you are a novice. Freight fees, licensing, port fees and shipping can end up being pretty costly if you do not plan ahead.

Final Thoughts

You may want to work with an agent like MyShipper that knows how this process works. An import from China agent will save money and time in the long run, while guaranteeing the quality. A lot can go wrong when importing from China so don’t take the price of goods you see online as guide as by the time the goods pass through customs and arrive at your door, this can easily double.  Expert knowledge and planning is essential to avoid the pitfalls. Most prices online are quoted as FOB, which is free onboard, so they don’t take into account all the extra fees and clearances which you are responsible for after the goods leave the port in China.


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